Pressed up to an Ear


For a Museum this really is a mess, nothing is catalogued, placed or arranged, the trip to Margate lies next to the famous painting, whilst a picture of a rabbit follows us around the room. The works clog up the holes, preventing the interior from seeping through the walls. Little attention is paid to what really occurred as an incomplete history is plastered across the space. Who are these people? We look to the bookshelf for clues, the well balanced dishes of Nigel Slater sag towards the broken spine of Herman Hesse. We are privy to this strange assembly, tight lipped about the way they met.

To start lets remove some objects, lets clear things up a bit. We drag the sofa away to reveal the pressed floor below. The house takes on a new form, part shell, creating a dullness into which projections are made. New works are inserted at will, prodding the leftover objects for all of their potential. At the same time a tour is going on with unreliable guides leading others from room to room. We join and drift past the paintings towards the kitchen. Was there always a kitchen here? We root ourselves, static browed, like stalactites surrounded by an asserted shuffling, as objects and structures squabble and overlap, before mediating amongst themselves. Ideas and histories assimilate, only to then separate as the space returns to its previous state.

Pressed up to an ear took place on Thursday 10th July 2014 at 7 Gatcombe Road, London.

Artists: Hannah James, Laura Jane Reeves, Connie Butler, John Henry Newton, Joshua T Howell, Lauren Godfrey, George Little, Tom Lovelace & Aaron Schuman