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7 artists have produced texts based on the research they undertake as part of their practice. These are published here as an edition, whilst those involved create new works in response to each other’s writing. The results of this process will later be distributed allowing a conversation to unfold between both the artists involved and a wider audience.

Upon purchase of this publication, we will record your postal address and edition number. We will then send you a copy of one of the artworks created in response to the essays held within. This second stage is due to be released in September.

Fig. 1 was released as a publication (ed of 100) at Copeland Book Market on the 25th July 2014.


  • George Little
  • Jenny Moore
  • Sophie Rose Asquith
  • Chris McSherry
  • Tom Lovelace
  • Pesce Khete
  • Michal BarOr