Dancing Ledge


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“The blasted rock caused a flurry, filling the air with a thick dust that receded to reveal the pool below, empty for the first and last time. We stood in it together, side by side, waiting for the tide to tip. Eleven miles from the pole and high up overhead, other groups were gathering. Down here the rehearsals continued with water rushing in. Like an airlock opening we quickly found ourselves adrift, incapable of measuring space or making a mark. Held in this open suspense just beyond the shoreline, a wallowy madness took its grip.”

“Freshwater Snails, Quor (local word for quarry), Pig Lard, Saxon Herringbone, The great fire of London increased the need for stone, Crab Stone, The Collar, Noggin the Nog, Candle & Puddled Clay, Non-shelly Portland beds, Tilly’s Whim, Stone-bearing Boats, Random Rubble, Mullions, Fruit Salad, Metal striking metal striking stone.”

“I have an addiction to swimming pools, I ‘collect’ them. When I am in a new place, or on holiday, my initial mission is to scope out the swimming pool options in the vicinity. I particularly like swimming pools I’m not supposed to visit. I am, however, an incredibly honest person, I’ve never stolen anything and I hate to stand on ceremony – so for that reason, I very rarely consummate my desire for illicit pools.”


Dancing Ledge is a collaborative project between Fell,  Vanessa Visual & Virginia Verbal.