Alex McNamee


Nobody digs on property that is not their own but they dug anyway. The shovel dove in, a foot on top to make it go deeper and a push and a pull outward and up and it was free. Then to place the material away from the hole – behind will do. Now to have a purpose for digging, that is why others do it. They dig to create holes to fill, holes to fill with concrete, water, seeds, people, sand, soil – things to bury. Some dig to find things, fossils, bones, minerals, precious rocks, liquids. Some dig at the seaside. They dig to Australia, China, very few dig for nothing.

So they dug for nothing, the shovel dove in, a foot on top, and a push and a pull outward and up and it was free. The material piling up behind them. The level of the ground was shifting, their toes now lower than their heels. As the light changed, the hole became deeper, the piles became mounds and as one tired and fell the next would begin, in the same place, at the same speed, with the same technique. The shovel dove in, a foot on top, and a push and a pull outward and up and it was free. The material surrounded them. Specks were under their nails, in their hair and their eyes. It clung to them, to the moving and to the fallen, everything connected.



SG: Rocks, yes, but seemingly light and delicate rocks.

A: For me they are information in tactile form. Information that morphs from solid object to solid object.

SG: But the only way that either of us can see this information is because of light. Light is the ultimate informant.

A:Light to see, sure, but light is so fleeting; the ground, earth and rocks are so solid in comparison.

SG: But still – transitory. As transitory as language. I look up, all night.

A: I look down, all day.

SG: I have the universe at my disposal.

A: You look at a universe made of light and images whilst forgetting about touch. Knowledge acquired by touch renews and changes the true meaning of an object. What you are seeing is a potential illusion made up of light and sight.

SG: When you as an archaeologist are searching through soil, you have a question in mind, objects shift to be the answers to those questions. Negative space is disregarded and answers to unknown questions are dismissed as useless matter. Illusion is a reality and therefore a truth.

“Todays dreamers are perhaps the great precursors of the ultimate science of the future.” – Bernardo Soares


SG = Stargazer
A = Archaeologist


A conversation between a stargazer and an archeologist, Alex McNamee